I’m happy and relieved to say everything is finally back in stock!!!

The struggle has been real! 😜 As a perfectionist I can’t let things just go.. I’ve dealt with everything from quality issues to just not being exactly the way I want things.

Vegan formula – zero complaints here. 😁 Our formula is the bomb! It smells good, it feels good, and our colors are amazing. It’s also made locally, in the US! But.. it can take 4-8 weeks to make a batch because as a small business we have lower priority at the lab. I had to learn the hard way about when I should place my re-orders.

Gold Deluxe Bottles – love them, they’re so cool! 💎 But.. I’m the one doing the final touches because I wanted to use Swarovski crystals and that’s just not an option to have mass produced with my budget. I’ve always had a do-it-yourself attitude, but I can’t wait to have things done my way from the start.

Boxes/velvet pouches – swipe to see what I got. 😟 Luckily they weren’t all fucked, but still. I had to go back and forth with production about how this was completely unacceptable. Why send these to me in the first place? I understand mistakes happen. *sigh* Thankfully they’re going to remake them. 🙌

Marketing materials – guess what? I was so focused on the product and containers.. I completely forgot stuff like business cards, address labels, stickers, branded mailing boxes. *slaps forehead* Next project 😗

Social media – I’m doing my best but I definitely need help staying on top of social media posts. You can help tremendously by tagging @iamsin #iamsin with your lovely up close faceshots wearing our brand. Thank you!!! ❤