Welcome to my DIY life!

I’m so excited for these beautiful gold bottles, a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this project.

👑 As if the bottles weren’t cute on their own, I’m adding Swarovski crystals to match the colors inside. When I say “I’m adding” I mean me, lol!

These special edition bottles will launch in April, and be available at Viva Las Vegas 2018! Come visit I Am Sin at the Pinup Girl Clothing booth!

And.. for those of you that don’t know here’s a little I Am Sin history!

We started out as a private label company based in California, and after a few mishaps and mistakes like collaborating with the wrong people, we finally found our place in Las Vegas, NV and now offer cruelty-free and vegan products which I’m proud to say is made in the USA!

Every aspect of I Am Sin is currently being handled by me until I can hire people to help. Everything from producing the makeup, applying labels, putting makeup in boxes, packaging orders, customer service, maintaining the site and social media.. there’s so much more but I don’t want to bore you with the details. Actually, I should mention my wonderful husband does help me with labeling/boxing and shipping orders. Without him I’d be covered in tape and surrounded by boxes, pacing back and forth muttering to myself.

I decided to start a blog on the site so I can connect better with our customers, and to give you some insight on what goes on behind the scenes.. to share my struggles and my success with you along the way!

Thank you for following my journey <3 P.S. Comments are now open, I'd love to hear from you!